Learn How to Squat, Deadlift and Bench in Greenville, SC

We can teach you how to properly perform the major barbell lifts in just 90 minutes. If you are looking to to get stronger for a specific activity, just improve your health, or just challenge yourself, learning how to resistance train is a great use of an afternoon.

Grant will teach you how to perform all the lifts correctly and safely, as well as answer programming and nutrition nutrition questions you might have.


Clinics are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:15pm.


Attended a three lift camp coached by Grant. He did an excellent job instructing a group spanning several decades at various stages of lifting progress. Grant gave specific corrections to each lifter that translated well as teaching points for all. He delivered quality advice and answers to all questions. Worth the investment.


Grant coached the recent squat/press/deadlift camp in Greenville. It was very well run and absolutely worth the time, effort, and money. Our class ranged in ages from early 30’s to late 60’s, but Grant was easily able to adjust coaching style as needed. The Q&A session at the end was very informative, and answered numerous programming questions and issues.


Grant made things easy to learn, was really invested in my progress and training and was even supportive when I was so frustrated at the heavy weight that I wanted to scream. Grant challenged me to try new things like the Power Clean and I’m so grateful for it. Grant is an amazing coach, is super fun to train with and anyone would be lucky to get to work with him!


About Grant Broggi

Grant Broggi is a Major in the USMC and is a Starting Strength Seminar Staff Coach. He opened his first barbell gym in 2017 and has been training people on how to lift for over a decade.

Grant’s 1:1 Clinic will give both new and experienced lifters the tools they need to effectively execute the barbell lifts, as well as give insights on programming and nutrition.

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