We hold Intro To Barbell private classes for those that want to join our gym, learn how lift for the first time, or just have their form checked.

Our classes cost $150 per person and are two hours in duration at our Costa Mesa, CA gym. During the session, Connor and the rest of the team will walk you through everything you need to know to get strong.  You will learn how to squat, deadlift and press in a private session. At the end of the Intro the coaches will discuss programming, nutrition, and gym membership options. We will equip you with all the tools you need to take your lifting to the next level.  Come join us!

Why Get Strong?

At our Intro, our coaches will explain the basics of resistance training, and then begin to teach you all the steps of a bodyweight squat, making sure you understand the mechanics before adding a barbell. We will then repeat this learning process by showing you how to perform a press, bench press and deadlift.

Afterwards, we will also answer questions about how to get stronger, how to gain or lose weight, and how to practically incorporate lifting weights into your life.

Of course, most importantly, we will coach you throughout each exercise, providing feedback and explaining exactly what you need to do to perform the exercises safely with the correct form.

We believe everyone should know how to squat, press and deadlift. These exercises are basic human movements that improve your strength, your health and will make you feel better in day to day life.

Training with barbells can be intimidating – we know – we’ve trained many, many people how to do it. But we will make sure you do it correctly in an environment you are comfortable in. These lifts will work out your entire body. Your legs, glutes, back, trunk, shoulders, and arms.

Our clients have wanted to get stronger for all sorts of reasons – maybe they’re starting to feel back pain sitting in an office chair. Some want to improve their athletic performance. Some just want to be able to hold their grandchildren without feeling tired.

Meet Coach Connor

Connor King

Connor discovered Starting Strength while researching safe and effective training programs for his high school athletes. He began interning at The Strength Co. while enrolled in the Starting Strength Coaches Development Course before earning his Starting Strength Credential in the fall of 2019.

Connor is a high school special education teacher with a background in coaching athletics and strength and conditioning. He has a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and has a Master’s in Coaching and Exercise Sciences. He enjoys working with athletes of all levels and ages.

Brad Muhlenkamp

Brad was introduced to strength training in high school and quickly understood strength’s influence on sports performance while lettering in football, wrestling, and track-and-field. Brad discovered Starting Strength in 2013 while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Self-taught from the Blue Book and the Starting Strength Radio podcast, Brad attempted to make progress on his own while dealing with multiple deployments, beginning a career as a first responder, and playing tackle football in a travel league.

Realizing he needed professional coaching from a Starting Strength Coach, Brad joined The Strength Co. in 2023 and not only got much stronger, but became inspired to become a Starting Strength Coach.

Brad received his Starting Strength Credential in May of 2024.

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