March 20, 2020 Grant Broggi

Setting Up Home Gyms

Lots of people are currently interested in learning how to set up a home gym. A lot of my members have asked me about home setups because of the shutdowns of gyms throughout California.

I am very grateful for the entire Starting Strength community.

To try and give something back, we have temporarily lent all of our gyms’ lifting equipment to individual’s homes so they can continue to train while obeying the law. We have set up 20 racks with barbells and weights in garages throughout Southern California so that people can continue to have the option to train.

I also wanted to share the video below which I made for Starting Strength a few years back. It might be helpful to our general audience that are considering their home gym options.

If you have any other questions, I would love to help. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly here. 

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