Want To Get Stronger? Want To Learn How To Get Rid Of Back Pain?

Come visit us at our Costa Mesa gym for an Open House!

Meet some of our coaching staff and learn:

  • How you can benefit from strength training
  • How to practically incorporate lifting weights into your life
  • How we perform the lifts: squat, press, deadlift
  • How our training program works

All ages and fitness backgrounds are welcome! Our next open house will be Saturday, October 29th from 11:30AM – 12:00PM.

Why Should You Learn To Lift?

There are a lot of reasons why we believe everyone should know how to deadlift. It is are basic human movement that helps to strengthen many parts of your body all at once.

Training with barbells can be intimidating but we are here to show you that resistance training can help people of all ages and fitness backgrounds feel better in a few hours a week.


Properly performed deadlifts will work out your legs, glutes, back, trunk, shoulders and arms – your entire body.

At our free open house, our coaches will explain the basics of resistance training, and then begin with all the steps of a deadlift, before lifting any weight. They will also discuss everything else you want to know about how to get stronger, lose weight, and how to fit weight training in with your other workout routines.

Of course, most importantly, they will coach you through executing the deadlift yourself, explaining exactly what you need to do to perform the exercises safely with the correct form.

Class Details:


Our upcoming Open House will be held at our Costa Mesa Gym. Come meet our coaches!

We provide the racks, weights, water and instruction! You just need to bring a set of stable shoes (not too much padding) and get ready to get stronger!

Directions To Gym

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