January 10, 2021 Grant Broggi
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Member Spotlight – The Brits

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Rob and Roz are no different than a lot of the people we see walk into our gyms. They just happened to walk into our online gym. Like a lot of people, both of them have pursued health and fitness their whole lives. Doing everything from running, to HIIT or whatever a personal trainer has told them do.

While these things are not bad, the style of strength training that we teach is an entirely different approach. The workouts are not about what you get out of them today, but about the long-term results that change your life.

Both of them were a bit nervous to get started and were not sure how our virtual coaching would work, particularly with them being in London. But after their Intro to Barbells class the approach made a lot of sense to them.

And they’ve never looked back.

Like we always say, consistency is key if you want to have results. They’ve been training for over 3 months now and both of them are stronger and more energetic than they’ve ever been.In the gym or online the barbell delivers the same results. You just have to pick it up.

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