March 7, 2021 Grant Broggi

Member Spotlight – Sarah

Sarah first came to the gym because she wanted to be a stronger and more capable mom. As a young mom, Sarah realized that getting stronger would help her in the day-to-day parenting of her two children she is responsible for. She joined the gym and got strong. Really strong.

As Sarah kept lifting, she found that she enjoyed both the physical and mental benefits of strength training as well as the process of getting strong itself. She found it life changing.  She works hard, never complains, and never misses workouts.

This year Sarah has set a goal to press 135lbs. She is on a custom program pressing four days a week and just last week pressed 106lbs. As coaches we say all the time that “Consistency is King”. Because its so true. The greatest factor to Sarah’s success under the bar is by far her consistency.

So be like Sarah. Do not skip workouts, do not complain, and get under the bar and reach your goals.

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