August 1, 2021 Grant Broggi

Interview with Garage Gym Reviews

by Grant Broggi


We’ve learned a lot since we set out to make Olympic Iron Barbell Plates over a year ago. I sat down with Coop from Garage Gym Reviews a few months ago to talk all things strength training. We discussed a wide variety of topics from barbell training Marines in Afghanistan to the future of gyms in America. As someone who has been in the gym/fitness world for quite some time he was a blast to talk with. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed:

  • How Grant found Starting Strength
  • Training Marines for strength
  • Why Grant opened a Starting Strength Gym
  • How The Strength Co. started in a garage
  • What it’s like to own and operate a gym
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Our thoughts on the future of gyms


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