October 23, 2022 Grant Broggi
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What To Eat For Strength and Muscle Growth

By Grant Broggi, SSC

I’ve been coaching people to strength train and helping people get strong for over a decade now. I started by coaching my Marines, then coached out of my garage, opened gyms and then began training people with our online platform.

I realized no matter the age, background, or experience of the lifter, THE MOST common question by everyone is “What do I need to eat to reach my goal?”

For young men, the goal is usually muscle growth, for most women the goal is to look “more toned” and the rest (mostly) want to lose some extra weight.

The great thing about barbell training is that it can help you achieve all of those things. BUT you have to set yourself up for success with what you are eating to fuel your lifting. So whether you’re trying to get stronger, get bigger muscles, lose weight or get toned you must be prepared to make good decisions.

We’ve released our second video in our nutrition series titled Meal Prep 101.

I hope this helps you get prepared to eat healthy and smash all of your goals. As always message me with any questions.


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