December 5, 2021 Grant Broggi

Barbell Chalk – When. Why. How.

By Grant Broggi

When you are brand new to barbell training you don’t know what you don’t know. We see this all the time coaching new lifters in the gym.

While lifting weights is simple and easy to learn, it does take time to become familiar with the equipment, how to use it, and of course how to perform the movements with proper form.

One thing I see over and over working with new lifters is a lack of understanding of why, when, and how to use chalk.

The goal of chalk is to keep your hands dry so that you can securely grip the bar. That’s it. So there’s no rubbing chalk on the bar. Furthermore, my gyms, your home gym, or even a big commercial gym shouldn’t have any chalk clouds hovering on the deadlift platform.

Make sure your bar is free of chalk. Make sure your hands are free of sweat. Grip the bar. Feel the knurling. Get to work.

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