Our coaches will be hosting a lifting clinic that will be held on Saturday, May 20th in Alpharetta, GA from 11:00am-2:00pm. 

Instructed by Coaches Grant Broggi and Ron Mitchell, this is a great opportunity to learn the Starting Strength method for getting strong!

We will deep dive into why you should get strong, how you get strong and then spend lots of time on the platform teaching you the big barbell lifts. 

The clinic ends with a Q&A covering everything from programming to nutrition to how to get your mother to lift. 

Spots are limited to 15 attendees per clinic and the price is $250/person.

Video On The Squat From Our Last Clinic

Photos From Previous Clinics

Join Our April Clinic

With Coaches Grant and Ron
May 20th 11:00AM-2:00PM

Truborn Strong
5356 McGinnis Ferry Road Suite 300
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Grant Broggi

Grant discovered Starting Strength in an effort to find a competitive edge for his Marines while they were deployed to Afghanistan in 2014. It worked. After returning home from deployment, he quickly gained a reputation for having the strongest group of Marines in the unit and was sought out for coaching on a regular basis.

Since then, Grant has programmed and coached hundreds of Marines to measurable results using the Starting Strength methodology.

Grant obtained the Starting Strength Coach Certification in April of 2016 and then opened The Strength Co. shortly after in early 2017.

Read more about Grant here. 

Ron Mitchell

Ron started barbell training looking for a way to increase his general strength. A fitness enthusiast his entire life, he made the decision to really get stronger. The logic and effectiveness of barbell weight training really appealed to him.

When Ron began resistance training utilizing the Starting Strength method at The Strength Co., he was hooked. As his own strength drastically improved, Ron became passionate about coaching others to get strong, particularly older adults.

With a previous career in the software industry, when Ron’s not in the gym he’s out in nature either climbing mountains or photographing surfing dogs.

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